Latest Release: Symphony

As a Londoner, Adam Pounds has always been fascinated by the city’s history and life and after the composition of his London Festival Overture for the Waltham Forest Arts Festival (commissioned by Greater London Arts), it was only a matter of time before he would set some London poetry to music. Symphony was especially composed for the combined forces of the Academy of Great St. Mary’s and the Stapleford Choral Society.

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Cambridge Recordings' aim is to create vibrant recordings which allow the expression of the music and artist to shine through without compromising the quality of the sound. This is in contrast to many major labels which release clinical, almost stagnant recordings which are the result of being over-produced.

We are always interested to hear from musicians and composers regarding innovative projects to include on the label. We also offer recording and engineering facilities for hire if you have a project or concert that you would like recorded, engineered, mastered and preserved in the highest audio quality. This along with other services such as graphic design, cover art and inlay design and CD pressing are all available from Cambridge Recordings.

Adam Pounds