We currently use the following for all our recordings:

  • MOTU 896HD 24 bit 192kHz 8 Track Master Audio interface with Black Lion Audio Microphone Pre Amp Modifications for extremely low noise and high dynamic precision recordings.
  • MOTU 828mk2 24 bit 192kHz 8 Track Slave Audio Interface for extended recording sessions when more than 8 tracks are needed.
  • MBHO MBNM 550 EL Ultra Linear Omni Directional Mics (Matched Pair) with Jecklin Disc for audiophile binaural Stereo Recordings.
  • A Selection of AKG mics for close micing of singers and instrumentalists.
  • Golden Age Project FC-3 (Modified for exceptional quality) Mics for M/S recoding work.
  • Tannoy Mastering Monitors and Audio Technica Headphones.
  • Adobe Audition CS6 or Magix Sequoia 12 (dependent on work involved) along with iZotope, Waves and a number of other top quality Software Processors.

Highest Quality Sound


From the list of equipment above it may be evident that our technical process produces some amazing results recording at 24 bit provides a greater depth of dynamic response for capturing the subtleties of performance and expression.

We are meticulous when it comes to recording to get the best possible version of a performance and to capture it as it happens. Our thorough editing and post production techniques create vibrant, engaging and pleasing recordings time and again.

All recordings are Mastered down to Redbook standard CD formats and whether it is a short run Demo EP or a large scale run of 1000's of pressed CD's, we are able to make everything sound as professional as it can be.