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Please don't hesitate to contact us on any matter. Whether it's related to projects, groups, website, recordings etc. We value all feedback and opinions and are always ready to respond as soon as possible. The usual email contact details are below with a bit about each of the Cambridge Recordings members but you can also contact us through Twitter and on Facebook.


Adam Pounds
Dinah Pounds
Manager & Producer
Events & Publicist

Adam is responsible for the general running of the company. As artistic producer, he is always looking for more artists and repertoire to add to the label. Together with Jon and the artist(s) involved he is responsible for the final production to disc. He is also responsible for negotiating contracts with the recording artists.

Dinah is responsible for organizing such events as CD launch concerts. She liaises with recording artists and finds suitable venues for such concerts, usually within the Cambridge area. She also negotiates publicity opportunities with the press etc.


General Sales enquiries:


General information about the label or the site: